Thursday, 10 March 2011

I need Comic book knowlede

Do You have the POWER??

I am in need of as much knowledge on comic books as possible, As much as i have convinced my (Comic geek)flat mates that i am not interested in there Marvel & DC Universe discussions i have secretly been listening in,  i do find myself quite interested, i have been doing a bit off research and i have watched some of the movies, The PunisherThe Green HornetThe Incredible Hulk  &  Kick-Ass just to name a few,
I find that already i am picking some off it up and i have been finding myself drawn to characters like The Punisher and Iron man, I think its because they dont have super powers, this could lead back to my youth when i only really watched things that were believable except the obvious Thundercats, or was that believable? Possibly!

Anyway i am going to start tonight (first comic ever) with the mighty world off marvel Spider-man Vs The Punisher if i can prize it away from my flat mate, 

I would also like to express my interest in The Joker and Deadpool because there humor, i was first drawn to these two thanks to Facebook quizzes where these were the two characters they said i would be.... quite accurate dare i say it!

My goal for this Blog is to get thhelp of you guys to learn as much as possible which i plan on keeping my progress updates on here.
I was thinking maybe a good way would be for people to inform me off characters they think i would like?
Or stories maybe that could interest me and i can then check them out?

what i would also like to know is if you could be any Marvel or DC Universe character, who would you be and why?
And if you could have any other 4 comic book characters behind you as a team, who and why?

Ive checked out for comics as this is where my flat mate gets most of his and ordered a few, we shall see!

Please also take te time to select one off my answers on te right!!!