Thursday, 10 March 2011

I need Comic book knowlede

Do You have the POWER??

I am in need of as much knowledge on comic books as possible, As much as i have convinced my (Comic geek)flat mates that i am not interested in there Marvel & DC Universe discussions i have secretly been listening in,  i do find myself quite interested, i have been doing a bit off research and i have watched some of the movies, The PunisherThe Green HornetThe Incredible Hulk  &  Kick-Ass just to name a few,
I find that already i am picking some off it up and i have been finding myself drawn to characters like The Punisher and Iron man, I think its because they dont have super powers, this could lead back to my youth when i only really watched things that were believable except the obvious Thundercats, or was that believable? Possibly!

Anyway i am going to start tonight (first comic ever) with the mighty world off marvel Spider-man Vs The Punisher if i can prize it away from my flat mate, 

I would also like to express my interest in The Joker and Deadpool because there humor, i was first drawn to these two thanks to Facebook quizzes where these were the two characters they said i would be.... quite accurate dare i say it!

My goal for this Blog is to get thhelp of you guys to learn as much as possible which i plan on keeping my progress updates on here.
I was thinking maybe a good way would be for people to inform me off characters they think i would like?
Or stories maybe that could interest me and i can then check them out?

what i would also like to know is if you could be any Marvel or DC Universe character, who would you be and why?
And if you could have any other 4 comic book characters behind you as a team, who and why?

Ive checked out for comics as this is where my flat mate gets most of his and ordered a few, we shall see!

Please also take te time to select one off my answers on te right!!! 



    don't forget the less well known companies like dark horse comics(hellboy, aliens vs predator, the goon, dethklok)
    image comics (spawn, witchblade, the darkness, the walking dead)
    IDW (30 Days of night, Zombies vs Robots, Locke and Key, and every tv, cartoon, movie, tie in comics you can think of)

    get this and then check out heroes for hire #1 of the 2010/11 series not the old one

  3. I just picked these up as i needed links, i'm currently building pages that i can link to these with the info i know On these subjects and will update with new found info like you have just given me there... and when i do my own research... like a we story haha

  4. Spider-man... Hmmm not too confident a start for me haha
    I do however have The mighty world of Marvel,Spider-man Vs The Punisher! It was the Punisher that drew me in obviously!
    I've also got A couple of Wolverine and Deadpool,
    Good place to start??

  5. yeh wolverine and deadpool is a good place to start. i got a vol 1 and 2 of essential punisher if you want a lend. and the definitive wolverine which is filled with the major wolverine stuff you need for a crash course.

  6. Ok your on, i Just read that Punisher V Spider-m an one, Spider mans a Dick, Punishers Hard as F**K,an those Bitches Letha and Lascivious r Mental,
    I'd Run.... But then they'd probably stop me and make us all savagely murder each other.. Whats that about?? haha

  7. Oh and IDW sounds like they produce my kinda thing, I'm all for the Zombies!!

  8. hellblazer would probly be your sort of thing too.

    starring ex-punk, streetwise occult magician, john constantine, from liverpool, living in london. it's always been ridiculously well written and mostly written by british writers.